Effective Oversight by Honourable Abiola Jeremiah Awoyeye, Chairman House Committee on Youth, Sports, & Special Needs, and other members of the Committee

In a demonstration of their oversight duties to ensure transparency, accountability, and progress within the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Special Needs, Honourable Abiola Jeremiah Awoyeye and other Honourable members of the House embarked on oversight duties diligently.

Today’s oversight duty witnessed the presence of key figures, including the Commissioner for Youths, Permanent Secretaries for Youth and Sports, directors, government personnel, and representatives from various media houses.

These engagements serve as a crucial mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of the ministries in fulfilling their mandates. By examining the operations, budget utilization, and the general state of affairs, the oversight committee helps ensure that the needs of the people are met.

Honourable Abiola Jeremiah Awoyeye, as the chairman of the House Committee on Youths, Sports, and Special Needs, has consistently demonstrated his dedication to this crucial task.

One of the main objectives of the visit was to assess the job done by the ministries so far, with a focus on youth development, sports promotion, and support for individuals with special needs. During the visit, the committee members engaged with the Commissioner for Youths, Permanent Secretary for Youth, and Permanent Secretary for Sports, as well as other key personnel and directors from the ministries.

The committee had the opportunity to review data and reports, question officials, and observe on-site operations to gain a comprehensive understanding of the ministries’ activities.Their oversight duties not only serve as a check on government operations but also as a catalyst for positive change and development in the youth and sports sectors.

Through these visits, they underscore their commitment to the betterment of Nigerian youth, the promotion of sports, and the support of individuals with special needs. Such dedication is essential in building a brighter future for the nation.


Tobi Oladoye
Media Assistant to Member, OSHA, Ife Central State Constituency


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